Response codes

Use Checkout's response codes to determine the status of your transactions.

HTTP status codes

The RESTful Checkout API uses conventional HTTP status codes to describe the success or failure of requests

Response codeDescription
200Request successfully processed.
307Temporary redirect.
400Bad request. Request failed because of missing or invalid parameters. Also returned if the payment failed, for example, if the acquirer declined the transaction.
403Authentication details are valid but do not provide enough permissions to access the requested resource.
404The requested resource or endpoint cannot be found, that is, the endpoint or URL does not exist. This can also be caused by typos or wrong IDs, for example, GET /v1/payments/{id} where no payment with {id} exists.

Result codes

The result codes are part of the response body's JSON (field result) containing a code and a description explaining the code.

Result codeDescription
000.000.000Transaction succeeded
000.100.110Request successfully processed in Merchant in Integrator Test Mode
000.200.000transaction pending
000.200.100Successfully created checkout (indicates that the session is now open)
100.396.101Cancelled by user
100.396.104Uncertain status - probably cancelled by user
200.300.404invalid or missing parameter
600.200.400Unsupported Payment Type (only DB is allowed as a payment type)
600.200.500Invalid payment data. You are not configured for this currency of sub type
800.100.152Transaction declined by authorization system
800.900.201Unknown channel (entity ID in payment request is incorrect)
800.900.300Invalid authentication information (authentication password is incorrect)