Response codes

Payment Links uses HTTP status codes to signify the success or failure of an API request.

Codes in the 2xx range mean success and codes in the 4xx range mean error or failure. Examples of issues that could cause a 4xx range failure include:

  • A required parameter was omitted
  • A charge failed

HTTP status codes

Response codeStatusDescription
200OKRequest processed.
400Bad requestRequest failed due to missing or invalid parameters being supplied. Also returned if the payment failed, for example, if the acquirer declined the transaction.
401UnauthorisedIncorrect authentication information, for example, one of the authentication parameters is wrong - check them or contact us for correct parameters.
404Not foundThe requested resource or endpoint cannot be found, that is, the endpoint or URL does not exist. Check that you have entered the correct endpoint.

Although not all error codes are mapped, an error object is included when a failed payment link request occurs. This error object explains why the request failed.

Result codes

Payment Links

All Payment Links result codes start with 1000.

Bulk Payment Links

The API returns an error code in the errorCode parameter of the batch link status response body if the status is error.

All Bulk Payment Links result codes feature 100 after the first period.

Result codeDescription
1000.100.000Processing of the file has failed.
1000.100.010Channel not found
1000.100.020Unable to update batch status to 'processing'
1000.100.101Invalid file format
1000.100.102Empty file uploaded
1000.100.103File contained 0 rows.
1000.100.104File size is too large. Please submit a smaller file.
1000.100.105File contains too many rows.