PaySafe deprecation and API translation layer

Payment Links is the replacement solution for PaySafe, which Peach Payments is deprecating on June 29, 2023. To ease the transition to the Payment Links API, Peach Payments has released an API translation layer.

PaySafe deprecation

On June 29, 2023, PaySafe reaches end of life. From June 30, 2023, you can no longer create payment links using the PaySafe platform or API.

The Peach Payments Dashboard together with the Payment Links product enable you to create and send links with enhanced functionality and an improved user experience.

Payment Links has the following improvements over PaySafe:

  • 50% better conversion rates than PaySafe.
  • Supports multiple notification channels, including the ability to send payment links using WhatsApp.
  • Access to all the payment methods that Checkout supports. Payment Links automatically gains support for new payment methods as they're added to Checkout.
  • An expanding set of capabilities. Bulk payment links is already available on the Dashboard and API, enabling you to send up to 1000 payment links to your customers by uploading a CSV file.

To learn how to use the new platform and ensure a smooth transition, see the Payment Links overview or contact Peach Payments support to assist you in making the switch.

What is the Payment Links API translation layer

The translation layer is a bridge between the older PaySafe API and the new Payment Links API. It enables merchants who are still using the PaySafe API to continue processing transactions using the original PaySafe request structure while allowing the redesigned Payment Links product to handle the requests.

What does it do

The translation layer receives request parameters from the PaySafe API and translates them into a format that the Payment Links API can process. The Payment Links API processes the request and returns a response, which the translation layer translates back into the PaySafe API format and sends back to the merchant. The translation layer also ensures that all webhooks sent back to the merchant are in the format expected by PaySafe.

How can I start using the translation layer

Start using the translation layer by changing the URL used for PaySafe requests from to the Payment Links endpoint. The Peach Payments public Postman collection contains PaySafe API example requests and a description of how a merchant can use the translation layer by replacing the API endpoints.


The translation layer is available for three months after PaySafe reaches end of life.