Result codes


Result codes form part of the response body, with the code and description providing extra information on the transaction response.


Result codeDescription
000.000.000Transaction succeeded
000.000.100successful request
000.100.105Chargeback Representment is successful
000.100.106Chargeback Representment cancellation is successful
000.100.110Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Integrator Test Mode'
000.100.111Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Validator Test Mode'
000.100.112Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Connector Test Mode'
000.300.000Two-step transaction succeeded
000.300.100Risk check successful
000.300.101Risk bank account check successful
000.300.102Risk report successful
000.300.103Exemption check successful
000.310.100Account updated
000.310.101Account updated (Credit card expired)
000.310.110No updates found, but account is valid
000.400.110Authentication successful (frictionless flow)
000.400.120Authentication successful (data only flow)
000.600.000transaction succeeded due to external update

Successful but should be reviewed

Result codeDescription
000.400.000Transaction succeeded (please review manually due to fraud suspicion)
000.400.010Transaction succeeded (please review manually due to AVS return code)
000.400.020Transaction succeeded (please review manually due to CVV return code)
000.400.040Transaction succeeded (please review manually due to amount mismatch)
000.400.050Transaction succeeded (please review manually because transaction is pending)
000.400.060Transaction succeeded (approved at merchant's risk)
000.400.070Transaction succeeded (waiting for external risk review)
000.400.080Transaction succeeded (please review manually because the service was unavailable)
000.400.081Transaction succeeded (please review manually, as the risk status not available yet due network timeout)
000.400.082Transaction succeeded (please review manually, as the risk status not available yet due processing timeout)
000.400.090Transaction succeeded (please review manually due to external risk check)
000.400.100Transaction succeeded, risk after payment rejected


Result codeDescription
000.200.000transaction pending
000.200.001Transaction pending for acquirer, the consumer is not present
000.200.100successfully created checkout
000.200.101successfully updated checkout
000.200.102successfully deleted checkout
000.200.103checkout is pending
000.200.200Transaction initialized
000.200.201QR Scanned/Link Clicked, waiting for the final authentication result
100.400.500waiting for external risk
800.400.500Waiting for confirmation of non-instant payment. Denied for now.
800.400.501Waiting for confirmation of non-instant debit. Denied for now.
800.400.502Waiting for confirmation of non-instant refund. Denied for now.


Result codeDescription
000.400.101card not participating/authentication unavailable
000.400.102user not enrolled
000.400.103Technical Error in 3D system
000.400.104Missing or malformed 3DSecure Configuration for Channel
000.400.105Unsupported User Device - Authentication not possible
000.400.106invalid payer authentication response(PARes) in 3DSecure Transaction
000.400.107Communication Error to Scheme Directory Server
000.400.108Cardholder Not Found - card number provided is not found in the ranges of the issuer
000.400.109Card is not enrolled for 3DS version 2
000.400.111Data Only request failed
000.400.1123RI transaction not permitted
000.400.200risk management check communication error

External payment system

Result codeDescription
800.100.100transaction declined for unknown reason
800.100.150transaction declined (refund on gambling tx not allowed)
800.100.151transaction declined (invalid card)
800.100.152transaction declined by authorization system
800.100.153transaction declined (invalid CVV)
800.100.154transaction declined (transaction marked as invalid)
800.100.155transaction declined (amount exceeds credit)
800.100.156transaction declined (format error)
800.100.157transaction declined (wrong expiry date)
800.100.158transaction declined (suspecting manipulation)
800.100.159transaction declined (stolen card)
800.100.160transaction declined (card blocked)
800.100.161transaction declined (too many invalid tries)
800.100.162transaction declined (limit exceeded)
800.100.163transaction declined (maximum transaction frequency exceeded)
800.100.164transaction declined (merchants limit exceeded)
800.100.165transaction declined (card lost)
800.100.166transaction declined (Incorrect personal identification number)
800.100.167transaction declined (referencing transaction does not match)
800.100.168transaction declined (restricted card)
800.100.169transaction declined (card type is not processed by the authorization center)
800.100.170transaction declined (transaction not permitted)
800.100.171transaction declined (pick up card)
800.100.172transaction declined (account blocked)
800.100.173transaction declined (invalid currency, not processed by authorization center)
800.100.174transaction declined (invalid amount)
800.100.175transaction declined (invalid brand)
800.100.176transaction declined (account temporarily not available. Please try again later)
800.100.177transaction declined (amount field should not be empty)
800.100.178transaction declined (PIN entered incorrectly too often)
800.100.179transaction declined (exceeds withdrawal count limit)
800.100.190transaction declined (invalid configuration data)
800.100.191transaction declined (transaction in wrong state on acquirer side)
800.100.192transaction declined (invalid CVV, Amount has still been reserved on the customer's card and will be released in a few business days. Please ensure the CVV code is accurate before retrying the transaction)
800.100.195transaction declined (UserAccount Number/ID unknown)
800.100.196transaction declined (registration error)
800.100.197transaction declined (registration cancelled externally)
800.100.198transaction declined (invalid holder)
800.100.199transaction declined (invalid tax number)
800.100.200Refer to Payer due to reason not specified
800.100.201Account or Bank Details Incorrect
800.100.202Account Closed
800.100.203Insufficient Funds
800.100.204Mandate Expired
800.100.205Mandate Discarded
800.100.206Refund of an authorized payment requested by the customer
800.100.207Refund requested
800.100.208Direct debit not enabled for the specified account or bank
800.100.402cc/bank account holder not valid
800.100.403transaction declined (revocation of authorisation order)
800.100.500Card holder has advised his bank to stop this recurring payment
800.100.501Card holder has advised his bank to stop all recurring payments for this merchant
800.700.100transaction for the same session is currently being processed, please try again later.
800.700.101family name too long
800.700.201given name too long
800.700.500company name too long
800.800.102Invalid street
800.800.202Invalid zip
800.800.302Invalid city

Communication error

Result codeDescription
000.400.030Transaction partially failed (please reverse manually due to failed automatic reversal)
900.100.100unexpected communication error with connector/acquirer
900.100.200error response from connector/acquirer
900.100.201error on the external gateway (e.g. on the part of the bank, acquirer,...)
900.100.202invalid transaction flow, the requested function is not applicable for the referenced transaction.
900.100.203error on the internal gateway
900.100.204Error during message parsing
900.100.300timeout, uncertain result
900.100.301Transaction timed out without response from connector/acquirer. It was reversed.
900.100.310Transaction timed out due to internal system misconfiguration. Request to acquirer has not been sent.
900.100.400timeout at connectors/acquirer side
900.100.500timeout at connectors/acquirer side (try later)
900.100.600connector/acquirer currently down
900.100.700error on the external service provider
900.200.100Message Sequence Number of Connector out of sync
900.300.600user session timeout
900.400.100unexpected communication error with external risk provider

System error

Result codeDescription
600.100.100Unexpected Integrator Error (Request could not be processed)
800.500.100direct debit transaction declined for unknown reason
800.500.110Unable to process transaction - ran out of terminalIds - please contact acquirer
800.600.100transaction is being already processed
800.800.400Connector/acquirer system is under maintenance
800.800.800The payment system is currently unavailable, please contact support in case this happens again.
800.800.801The payment system is currently under maintenance. Please apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If you were not informed of this maintenance window in advance, contact your sales representative.

Asynchronous workflow error

Result codeDescription
100.395.101Bank not supported for Giropay
100.395.102Account not enabled for Giropay e.g. test account
100.395.501Previously pending online transfer transaction timed out
100.395.502Acquirer/Bank reported timeout on online transfer transaction
100.396.101Cancelled by user
100.396.102Not confirmed by user
100.396.103Previously pending transaction timed out
100.396.104Uncertain status - probably cancelled by user
100.396.106User did not agree to payment method terms
100.396.201Cancelled by merchant
100.397.101Cancelled by user due to external update
100.397.102Rejected by connector/acquirer due to external update

Soft decline

Result codeDescription
300.100.100Transaction declined (additional customer authentication required)

External risk system check

Result codeDescription
100.380.401User Authentication Failed
100.380.501Risk management transaction timeout
100.400.000transaction declined (Wrong Address)
100.400.001transaction declined (Wrong Identification)
100.400.002Transaction declined (Insufficient credibility score)
100.400.005transaction must be executed for German address
100.400.007System error ( possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.020transaction declined
100.400.021transaction declined for country
100.400.030transaction not authorized. Please check manually
100.400.039transaction declined for other error
100.400.040authorization failure
100.400.041transaction must be executed for German address
100.400.042transaction declined by SCHUFA (Insufficient credibility score)
100.400.043transaction declined because of missing obligatory parameter(s)
100.400.044transaction not authorized. Please check manually
100.400.045SCHUFA result not definite. Please check manually
100.400.051SCHUFA system error (possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.060authorization failure
100.400.061transaction declined (Insufficient credibility score)
100.400.063transaction declined because of missing obligatory parameter(s)
100.400.064transaction must be executed for Austrian, German or Swiss address
100.400.065result ambiguous. Please check manually
100.400.071system error (possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.080authorization failure
100.400.081transaction declined
100.400.083transaction declined because of missing obligatory parameter(s)
100.400.084transaction can not be executed for given country
100.400.085result ambiguous. Please check manually
100.400.086transaction declined (Wrong Address)
100.400.087transaction declined (Wrong Identification)
100.400.091system error (possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.100transaction declined - very bad rating
100.400.120authorization failure
100.400.121account blacklisted
100.400.122transaction must be executed for valid German account
100.400.123transaction declined because of missing obligatory parameter(s)
100.400.130system error (possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.139system error (possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.140transaction declined by GateKeeper
100.400.141Challenge by ReD Shield
100.400.142Deny by ReD Shield
100.400.143Noscore by ReD Shield
100.400.144ReD Shield data error
100.400.145ReD Shield connection error
100.400.146Line item error by ReD Shield
100.400.147Payment void and transaction denied by ReD Shield
100.400.148Payment void and transaction challenged by ReD Shield
100.400.149Payment void and data error by ReD Shield
100.400.150Payment void and connection error by ReD Shield
100.400.151Payment void and line item error by ReD Shield
100.400.152Payment void and error returned by ReD Shield
100.400.241Challenged by Threat Metrix
100.400.242Denied by Threat Metrix
100.400.243Invalid sessionId
100.400.260authorization failure
100.400.300abort checkout process
100.400.301reenter age/birthdate
100.400.302reenter address (packstation not allowed)
100.400.303reenter address
100.400.304invalid input data
100.400.305invalid foreign address
100.400.306delivery address error
100.400.307offer only secure methods of payment
100.400.308offer only secure methods of payment; possibly abort checkout
100.400.309confirm corrected address; if not confirmed, offer secure methods of payment only
100.400.310confirm bank account data; if not confirmed, offer secure methods of payment only
100.400.311transaction declined (format error)
100.400.312transaction declined (invalid configuration data)
100.400.313currency field is invalid or missing
100.400.314amount invalid or empty
100.400.315invalid or missing email address (probably invalid syntax)
100.400.316transaction declined (card missing)
100.400.317transaction declined (invalid card)
100.400.318invalid IP number
100.400.319transaction declined by risk system
100.400.320shopping cart data invalid or missing
100.400.321payment type invalid or missing
100.400.322encryption method invalid or missing
100.400.323certificate invalid or missing
100.400.324Error on the external risk system
100.400.325External risk system not available
100.400.326Risk bank account check unsuccessful
100.400.327Risk report unsuccessful
100.400.328Risk report unsuccessful (invalid data)

Address validation

Result codeDescription
800.400.100AVS Check Failed
800.400.101Mismatch of AVS street value
800.400.102Mismatch of AVS street number
800.400.103Mismatch of AVS PO box value fatal
800.400.104Mismatch of AVS zip code value fatal
800.400.105Mismatch of AVS settings (AVSkip, AVIgnore, AVSRejectPolicy) value
800.400.110AVS Check Failed. Amount has still been reserved on the customer's card and will be released in a few business days. Please ensure the billing address is accurate before retrying the transaction.
800.400.150Implausible address data
800.400.151Implausible address state data

3-D Secure

Result codeDescription
100.390.101purchase amount/currency mismatch
100.390.102PARes Validation failed
100.390.103PARes Validation failed - problem with signature
100.390.104XID mismatch
100.390.105Transaction rejected because of technical error in 3DSecure system
100.390.106Transaction rejected because of error in 3DSecure configuration
100.390.107Transaction rejected because cardholder authentication unavailable
100.390.108Transaction rejected because merchant not participating in 3DSecure program
100.390.109Transaction rejected because of Visa status 'U' or AMEX status 'N' or 'U' in 3DSecure program
100.390.110Cardholder Not Found - card number provided is not found in the ranges of the issuer
100.390.111Communication Error to Scheme Directory Server
100.390.112Technical Error in 3D system
100.390.113Unsupported User Device - Authentication not possible
100.390.114Not authenticated because the issuer is rejecting authentication
100.390.115Authentication failed due to invalid message format
100.390.116Access denied to the authentication system
100.390.117Authentication failed due to invalid data fields
100.390.118Authentication failed due to suspected fraud
800.400.200Invalid Payer Authentication in 3DSecure transaction

Blacklist validation

Result codeDescription
800.200.159account or user is blacklisted (card stolen)
800.200.160account or user is blacklisted (card blocked)
800.200.165account or user is blacklisted (card lost)
800.200.202account or user is blacklisted (account closed)
800.200.208account or user is blacklisted (account blocked)
800.200.220account or user is blacklisted (fraudulent transaction)
800.300.101account or user is blacklisted
800.300.102country blacklisted
800.300.200email is blacklisted
800.300.301ip blacklisted
800.300.302ip is anonymous proxy
800.300.401bin blacklisted
800.300.500transaction temporary blacklisted (too many tries invalid CVV)
800.300.501transaction temporary blacklisted (too many tries invalid expire date)
800.310.200Account closed
800.310.210Account not found
800.310.211Account not found (BIN/issuer not participating)

Risk validation

Result codeDescription
800.110.100duplicate transaction
800.120.100Rejected by Throttling.
800.120.101maximum number of transactions per account already exceeded
800.120.102maximum number of transactions per ip already exceeded
800.120.103maximum number of transactions per email already exceeded
800.120.200maximum total volume of transactions already exceeded
800.120.201maximum total volume of transactions per account already exceeded
800.120.202maximum total volume of transactions per ip already exceeded
800.120.203maximum total volume of transactions per email already exceeded
800.120.300chargeback rate per bin exceeded
800.120.401maximum number of transactions or total volume for configured MIDs or CIs exceeded
800.130.100Transaction with same TransactionId already exists
800.140.100maximum number of registrations per mobile number exceeded
800.140.101maximum number of registrations per email address exceeded
800.140.110maximum number of registrations of mobile per credit card number exceeded
800.140.111maximum number of registrations of credit card number per mobile exceeded
800.140.112maximum number of registrations of email per credit card number exceeded
800.140.113maximum number of registrations of credit card number per email exceeded
800.150.100Account Holder does not match Customer Name
800.160.100Invalid payment data for configured Shopper Dispatching Type
800.160.110Invalid payment data for configured Payment Dispatching Type
800.160.120Invalid payment data for configured Recurring Transaction Dispatching Type
800.160.130Invalid payment data for configured TicketSize Dispatching Type

Configuration validation

Result codeDescription
500.100.201Channel/Merchant is disabled (no processing possible)
500.100.202Channel/Merchant is new (no processing possible yet)
500.100.203Channel/Merchant is closed (no processing possible)
500.100.301Merchant-Connector is disabled (no processing possible)
500.100.302Merchant-Connector is new (no processing possible yet)
500.100.303Merchant-Connector is closed (no processing possible)
500.100.304Merchant-Connector is disabled at gateway (no processing possible)
500.100.401Connector is unavailable (no processing possible)
500.100.402Connector is new (no processing possible yet)
500.100.403Connector is unavailable (no processing possible)
500.200.101No target account configured for DD transaction
600.200.100invalid Payment Method
600.200.200Unsupported Payment Method
600.200.201Channel/Merchant not configured for this payment method
600.200.202Channel/Merchant not configured for this payment type
600.200.300invalid Payment Type
600.200.310invalid Payment Type for given Payment Method
600.200.400Unsupported Payment Type
600.200.500Invalid payment data. You are not configured for this currency or sub type (country or brand)
600.200.501Invalid payment data for Recurring transaction. Merchant or transaction data has wrong recurring configuration.
600.200.600invalid payment code (type or method)
600.200.700invalid payment mode (you are not configured for the requested transaction mode)
600.200.701testMode not allowed
600.200.800invalid brand for given payment method and payment mode (you are not configured for the requested transaction mode)
600.200.810invalid return code provided
600.300.101Merchant key not found
600.300.200merchant source IP address not whitelisted
600.300.210merchant notificationUrl not whitelisted
600.300.211shopperResultUrl not whitelisted
800.121.100Channel not configured for given source type. Please contact your account manager.
800.121.200Secure Query is not enabled for this entity. Please contact your account manager.

Registration validation

Result codeDescription
100.150.100request contains no Account data and no registration id
100.150.101invalid format for specified registration id (must be uuid format)
100.150.200registration does not exist
100.150.201registration is not confirmed yet
100.150.202registration is already deregistered
100.150.203registration is not valid, probably initially rejected
100.150.204account registration reference pointed to no registration transaction
100.150.205referenced registration does not contain an account
100.150.300payment only allowed with valid initial registration
100.350.100referenced session is REJECTED (no action possible).
100.350.101referenced session is CLOSED (no action possible)
100.350.200undefined session state
100.350.201referencing a registration through reference id is not applicable for this payment type
100.350.301confirmation (CF) must be registered (RG) first
100.350.302session already confirmed (CF)
100.350.303cannot deregister (DR) unregistered account and/or customer
100.350.310cannot confirm (CF) session via XML
100.350.311cannot confirm (CF) on a registration passthrough channel
100.350.312cannot do passthrough on non-internal connector
100.350.313registration of this type has to provide confirmation url
100.350.314customer could not be notified of pin to confirm registration (channel)
100.350.315customer could not be notified of pin to confirm registration (sending failed)
100.350.316cannot extend the token (TE) on unregistered account
100.350.400no or invalid PIN (email/SMS/MicroDeposit authentication) entered
100.350.500unable to obtain personal (virtual) account - most likely no more accounts available
100.350.601registration is not allowed to reference another transaction
100.350.602Registration is not allowed for recurring payment migration

Job validation

Result codeDescription
100.250.100job contains no execution information
100.250.105invalid or missing action type
100.250.106invalid or missing duration unit
100.250.107invalid or missing notice unit
100.250.110missing job execution
100.250.111missing job expression
100.250.120invalid execution parameters, combination does not conform to standard
100.250.121invalid execution parameters, hour must be between 0 and 23
100.250.122invalid execution parameters, minute and seconds must be between 0 and 59
100.250.123invalid execution parameters, Day of month must be between 1 and 31
100.250.124invalid execution parameters, month must be between 1 and 12
100.250.125invalid execution parameters, Day of week must be between 1 and 7
100.250.250Job tag missing
100.360.201unknown schedule type
100.360.300cannot schedule(SD) unscheduled job
100.360.303cannot deschedule(DS) unscheduled job
100.360.400schedule module not configured for LIVE transaction mode

Reference validation

Result codeDescription
700.100.100reference id does not exist
700.100.200non matching reference amount
700.100.300invalid amount (probably too large)
700.100.400referenced payment method does not match with requested payment method
700.100.500referenced payment currency does not match with requested payment currency
700.100.600referenced mode does not match with requested payment mode
700.100.700referenced transaction is of inappropriate type
700.100.701referenced a DB transaction without explicitly providing an account. Not allowed to used referenced account.
700.100.710cross-linkage of two transaction-trees
700.300.100referenced tx can not be refunded, captured or reversed (invalid type)
700.300.200referenced tx was rejected
700.300.300referenced tx can not be refunded, captured or reversed (already refunded, captured or reversed)
700.300.400referenced tx can not be captured (cut off time reached)
700.300.500chargeback error (multiple chargebacks)
700.300.600referenced tx can not be refunded or reversed (was chargebacked)
700.300.700referenced tx can not be reversed (reversal not possible anymore)
700.300.800referenced tx can not be voided
700.400.000serious workflow error (call support)
700.400.100cannot capture (PA value exceeded, PA reverted or invalid workflow?)
700.400.101cannot capture (Not supported by authorization system)
700.400.200cannot refund (refund volume exceeded or tx reversed or invalid workflow?)
700.400.300cannot reverse (already refunded|reversed, invalid workflow or amount exceeded)
700.400.400cannot chargeback (already chargebacked or invalid workflow?)
700.400.402chargeback can only be generated internally by the payment system
700.400.410cannot reverse chargeback (chargeback is already reversed or invalid workflow?)
700.400.411cannot reverse chargeback or invalid workflow (second chargeback)
700.400.420cannot reverse chargeback (no chargeback existing or invalid workflow?)
700.400.510capture needs at least one successful transaction of type (PA)
700.400.520refund needs at least one successful transaction of type (CP or DB or RB or RC)
700.400.530reversal needs at least one successful transaction of type (CP or DB or RB or PA)
700.400.540reconciliation needs at least one successful transaction of type (CP or DB or RB)
700.400.550chargeback needs at least one successful transaction of type (CP or DB or RB)
700.400.560receipt needs at least one successful transaction of type (PA or CP or DB or RB)
700.400.561receipt on a registration needs a successful registration in state 'OPEN'
700.400.562receipts are configured to be generated only internally by the payment system
700.400.565finalize needs at least one successful transaction of type (PA or DB)
700.400.570cannot reference a waiting/pending transaction
700.400.580cannot find transaction
700.400.590installment needs at least one successful transaction of type (DB or PA)
700.400.600finalize needs at least one successful transaction of type (IN, DB, PA or CD)
700.400.700initial and referencing channel-ids do not match
700.450.001cannot transfer money from one account to the same account
700.500.001referenced session contains too many transactions
700.500.002capture or preauthorization appears too late in referenced session
700.500.003test accounts not allowed in production
700.500.004cannot refer a transaction which contains deleted customer information

Format validation

Result codeDescription
100.300.101invalid test mode (please use LIVE or INTEGRATOR_TEST or CONNECTOR_TEST)
100.300.200transaction id too long
100.300.300invalid reference id
100.300.400missing or invalid channel id
100.300.401missing or invalid sender id
100.300.402missing or invalid version
100.300.501invalid response id
100.300.600invalid or missing user login
100.300.601invalid or missing user pwd
100.300.700invalid relevance
100.300.701invalid relevance for given payment type
100.370.100transaction declined
100.370.101responseUrl not set in Transaction/Frontend
100.370.102malformed responseUrl in Transaction/Frontend
100.370.110transaction must be executed for German address
100.370.111system error( possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.370.121no or unknown ECI Type defined in Authentication
100.370.122parameter with null key provided in 3DSecure Authentication
100.370.123no or unknown verification type defined in 3DSecure Authentication
100.370.124unknown parameter key in 3DSecure Authentication
100.370.125Invalid 3DSecure Verification_ID. Must have Base64 encoding a Length of 28 digits
100.370.131no or unknown authentication type defined in Transaction/Authentication@type
100.370.132no result indicator defined Transaction/Authentication/resultIndicator
100.500.101payment method invalid
100.500.201payment type invalid
100.500.301invalid due date
100.500.302invalid mandate date of signature
100.500.303invalid mandate id
100.500.304invalid mandate external id
100.600.500usage field too long
100.900.500invalid recurrence mode
200.100.101invalid Request Message. No valid XML. XML must be url-encoded! maybe it contains a not encoded ampersand or something similar.
200.100.102invalid Request. XML load missing (XML string must be sent within parameter 'load')
200.100.103invalid Request Message. The request contains structural errors
200.100.150transaction of multirequest not processed because of subsequent problems
200.100.151multi-request is allowed with a maximum of 10 transactions only
200.100.199Wrong Web Interface / URL used. Please check out the Tech Quick Start Doc Chapter 3.
200.100.201invalid Request/Transaction tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.300invalid Request/Transaction/Payment tag (no or invalid code specified)
200.100.301invalid Request/Transaction/Payment tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.302invalid Request/Transaction/Payment/Presentation tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.401invalid Request/Transaction/Account tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.402invalid Request/Transaction/Account(Customer, Relevance) tag (one of Account/Customer/Relevance must be present)
200.100.403invalid Request/Transaction/Analysis tag (Criterions must have a name and value)
200.100.404invalid Request/Transaction/Account (must not be present)
200.100.501invalid or missing customer
200.100.502invalid Request/Transaction/Customer/Name tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.503invalid Request/Transaction/Customer/Contact tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.504invalid Request/Transaction/Customer/Address tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.601invalid Request/Transaction/(ApplePay|GooglePay) tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.602invalid Request/Transaction/(ApplePay|GooglePay)/PaymentToken tag (not present or [partially] empty)
200.100.603invalid Request/Transaction/(ApplePay|GooglePay)/PaymentToken tag (decryption error)
200.200.106duplicate transaction. Please verify that the UUID is unique
200.300.403Invalid HTTP method
200.300.404invalid or missing parameter
200.300.405Duplicate entity
200.300.406Entity not found
200.300.407Entity not specific enough
800.900.100sender authorization failed
800.900.101invalid email address (probably invalid syntax)
800.900.200invalid phone number (has to start with a digit or a '+', at least 7 and max 25 chars long)
800.900.201unknown channel
800.900.300invalid authentication information
800.900.301user authorization failed, user has no sufficient rights to process transaction
800.900.302Authorization failed
800.900.303No token created
800.900.399Secure Registration Problem
800.900.401Invalid IP number
800.900.450Invalid birthdate

Address validation

Result codeDescription
100.800.100request contains no street
100.800.101The combination of street1 and street2 must not exceed 201 characters.
100.800.102The combination of street1 and street2 must not contain only numbers.
100.800.200request contains no zip
100.800.201zip too long
100.800.202invalid zip
100.800.300request contains no city
100.800.301city too long
100.800.302invalid city
100.800.400invalid state/country combination
100.800.401state too long
100.800.500request contains no country
100.800.501invalid country

Contact validation

Result codeDescription
100.700.100customer.surname may not be null
100.700.101customer.surname length must be between 0 and 50
100.700.200customer.givenName may not be null
100.700.201customer.givenName length must be between 0 and 50
100.700.300invalid salutation
100.700.400invalid title
100.700.500company name too long
100.700.800identity contains no or invalid 'paper'
100.700.801identity contains no or invalid identification value
100.700.802identification value too long
100.700.810specify at least one identity
100.900.100request contains no email address
100.900.101invalid email address (probably invalid syntax)
100.900.105email address too long (max 50 chars)
100.900.200invalid phone number (has to start with a digit or a '+', at least 7 and max 25 chars long)
100.900.300invalid mobile phone number (has to start with a digit or a '+', at least 7 and max 25 chars long)
100.900.301mobile phone number mandatory
100.900.400request contains no ip number
100.900.401invalid ip number
100.900.450invalid birthdate

Account validation

Result codeDescription
100.100.100request contains no creditcard, bank account number or bank name
100.100.101invalid creditcard, bank account number or bank name
100.100.104invalid unique id / root unique id
100.100.200request contains no month
100.100.201invalid month
100.100.300request contains no year
100.100.301invalid year
100.100.303card expired
100.100.304card not yet valid
100.100.305invalid expiration date format
100.100.400request contains no cc/bank account holder
100.100.401cc/bank account holder too short or too long
100.100.402cc/bank account holder not valid
100.100.500request contains no credit card brand
100.100.501invalid credit card brand
100.100.600empty CVV for Visa,MASTER, AMEX not allowed
100.100.601invalid CVV/brand combination
100.100.650empty CreditCardIssueNumber for MAESTRO not allowed
100.100.651invalid CreditCardIssueNumber
100.100.700invalid cc number/brand combination
100.100.701suspecting fraud, this card may not be processed
100.200.100bank account contains no or invalid country
100.200.103bank account has invalid bankcode/name account number combination
100.200.104bank account has invalid account number format
100.200.200bank account needs to be registered and confirmed first. Country is mandate based.
100.210.101virtual account contains no or invalid Id
100.210.102virtual account contains no or invalid brand
100.211.101user account contains no or invalid Id
100.211.102user account contains no or invalid brand
100.211.103no password defined for user account
100.211.104password does not meet safety requirements (needs 8 digits at least and must contain letters and numbers)
100.211.105wallet id has to be a valid email address
100.211.106voucher ids have 32 digits always
100.212.101wallet account registration must not have an initial balance
100.212.102wallet account contains no or invalid brand
100.212.103wallet account payment transaction needs to reference a registration

Amount validation

Result codeDescription
100.550.300request contains no amount or too low amount
100.550.301amount too large
100.550.303amount format invalid (only two decimals allowed).
100.550.310amount exceeds limit for the registered account.
100.550.311exceeding account balance
100.550.312Amount is outside allowed ticket size boundaries
100.550.400request contains no currency
100.550.401invalid currency
100.550.601risk amount too large
100.550.603risk amount format invalid (only two decimals allowed)
100.550.605risk amount is smaller than amount (it must be equal or bigger than amount)
100.550.701amounts not matched
100.550.702currencies not matched

Risk management

Result codeDescription
100.380.101transaction contains no risk management part
100.380.201no risk management process type specified
100.380.305no frontend information provided for asynchronous transaction
100.380.306no authentication data provided in risk management transaction


Result codeDescription
000.100.200Reason not Specified
000.100.201Account or Bank Details Incorrect
000.100.202Account Closed
000.100.203Insufficient Funds
000.100.204Mandate not Valid
000.100.205Mandate Cancelled
000.100.206Revocation or Dispute
000.100.207Cancellation in Clearing Network
000.100.208Account Blocked
000.100.209Account does not exist
000.100.210Invalid Amount
000.100.211Transaction succeeded (amount of transaction is smaller than amount of pre-authorization)
000.100.212Transaction succeeded (amount of transaction is greater than amount of pre-authorization)
000.100.220Fraudulent Transaction
000.100.221Merchandise Not Received
000.100.222Transaction Not Recognized By Cardholder
000.100.223Service Not Rendered
000.100.224Duplicate Processing
000.100.225Credit Not Processed
000.100.226Cannot be settled
000.100.227Configuration Issue
000.100.228Temporary Communication Error - Retry
000.100.229Incorrect Instructions
000.100.230Unauthorised Charge
000.100.231Late Representment
000.100.232Liability Shift
000.100.233Authorization-Related Chargeback
000.100.234Non receipt of merchandise
000.100.299Unspecified (Technical)