Result codes


Result codes form part of the response body, with the code and description providing extra information on the transaction response.


Result codeDescription
000.000.000Transaction succeeded
000.000.100successful request
000.100.110Request successfully processed in Merchant in Integrator Test Mode
000.300.000Two-step transaction succeeded
000.400.110Authentication successful (frictionless flow)


Result codeDescription
000.200.000transaction pending
100.400.500waiting for external risk


Result codeDescription
000.100.207Cancellation in Clearing Network
000.100.209Account does not exist
000.100.210Invalid Amount
000.100.220Fraudulent Transaction
000.400.101card not participating/authentication unavailable
000.400.102user not enrolled
000.400.103Technical Error in 3D system
000.400.104Missing or malformed threeDSecure Configuration for Channel
000.400.105Unsupported User Device - Authentication not possible
000.400.106invalid payer authentication response(PARes) in 3DSecure Transaction
000.400.107Communication Error to Visa/Mastercard Directory Server
000.400.108Cardholder Not Found - card number provided is not found in the ranges of the issuer
000.400.109Card is not enrolled for 3DS version 2
000.400.200risk management check communication error
100.100.101invalid or missing entity type
100.100.104invalid unique id / root unique id
100.100.303card expired
100.211.101user account contains no or invalid Id
100.300.300invalid reference id
100.350.200undefined session state
100.350.400no or invalid PIN (email/SMS/MicroDeposit authentication) entered
100.370.111system error( possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.380.401User Authentication Failed
100.380.501Risk management transaction timeout
100.390.107Transaction rejected because cardholder authentication unavailable
100.390.113Unsupported User Device - Authentication not possible
100.396.101Cancelled by user
100.396.104Uncertain status - probably cancelled by user
100.400.002Transaction declined (Insufficient credibility score)
100.400.007System error ( possible incorrect/missing input data)
100.400.304invalid input data
100.400.312transaction declined (invalid configuration data)
100.400.327Risk report unsuccessful
100.550.300request contains no amount or too low amount
100.550.301amount too large
100.550.310amount exceeds limit for the registered account.
100.550.401invalid currency
100.550.701amounts not matched
200.100.501invalid or missing customer
200.200.106duplicate transaction. Please verify that the UUID is unique
200.300.404invalid or missing parameter
300.100.100Transaction declined (additional customer authentication required)
500.100.201Channel/Merchant is disabled (no processing possible)
600.100.100Unexpected Integrator Error (Request could not be processed)
600.200.201Channel/Merchant not configured for this payment method
600.200.400Unsupported Payment Type
600.200.500Invalid payment data. You are not configured for this currency or sub type (country or brand)
600.200.600invalid payment code (type or method)
600.200.700invalid payment mode (you are not configured for the requested transaction mode)
600.300.101Merchant key not found
700.100.500referenced payment currency does not match with requested payment currency
700.400.200cannot refund (refund volume exceeded or tx reversed or invalid workflow?)
700.400.520refund needs at least one successful transaction of type (CP or DB or RB or RC)
700.400.570cannot reference a waiting/pending transaction
700.400.580cannot find transaction
700.500.003test accounts not allowed in production
800.100.100transaction declined for unknown reason
800.100.151transaction declined (invalid card)
800.100.152transaction declined by authorization system
800.100.155transaction declined (amount exceeds credit)
800.100.156transaction declined (format error)
800.100.157transaction declined (wrong expiry date)
800.100.158transaction declined (suspecting manipulation)
800.100.160transaction declined (card blocked)
800.100.161transaction declined (too many invalid tries)
800.100.162transaction declined (limit exceeded)
800.100.163transaction declined (maximum transaction frequency exceeded)
800.100.164transaction declined (merchants limit exceeded)
800.100.166transaction declined (Incorrect personal identification number)
800.100.167transaction declined (referencing transaction does not match)
800.100.170transaction declined (transaction not permitted)
800.100.172transaction declined (account blocked)
800.100.174transaction declined (invalid amount)
800.100.175transaction declined (invalid brand)
800.100.176transaction declined (account temporarily not available. Please try again later)
800.100.190transaction declined (invalid configuration data)
800.100.195transaction declined (UserAccount Number/ID unknown)
800.100.198transaction declined (invalid holder)
800.100.201Account or Bank Details Incorrect
800.100.202Account Closed
800.100.203Insufficient Funds
800.110.100duplicate transaction
800.120.200maximum total volume of transactions already exceeded
800.121.100Channel not configured for given source type. Please contact your account manager.
800.130.100Transaction with same TransactionId already exists
800.310.210Account not found
800.800.800The payment system is currently unavailable, please contact support in case this happens again.
800.900.201unknown channel
800.900.300invalid authentication information
800.900.302Authorization failed
800.900.401Invalid IP number
900.100.100unexpected communication error with connector/acquirer
900.100.200error response from connector/acquirer
900.100.201error on the external gateway (e.g. on the part of the bank, acquirer,...)
900.100.202invalid transaction flow, the requested function is not applicable for the referenced transaction.
900.100.203error on the internal gateway
900.100.300Timeout - uncertain result
900.100.301Transaction timed out without response from connector/acquirer. It was reversed.
900.100.310Transaction timed out due to internal system misconfiguration. Request to acquirer has not been sent.
900.100.400timeout at connectors/acquirer side
900.100.500timeout at connectors/acquirer side (try later)
900.100.600connector/acquirer currently down
900.300.600user session timeout