Initiate a debit transaction.

Certain parameters are mandatory for specific payment methods and certain parameters act differently depending on the payment method.

  • For 1Voucher, (the customer's phone number for receiving change vouchers and refunds) and virtualAccount.password (the voucher PIN) are mandatory.
  • For M-PESA, virtualAccount.accountId (the customer's 12-digit phone number) is mandatory. M-PESA only accepts integer amounts, not decimals, so round up your amount.
  • For blink by Emtel, virtualAccount.accountId (the customer's 8-digit phone number) is mandatory.
  • For Mobicred, virtualAccount.accountId (the customer's Mobicred email address) and virtualAccount.password (the customer's Mobicred password) are mandatory.
  • For Capitec Pay, virtualAccount.type (the customer's identifier type; IDNUMBER, CELLPHONE, or ACCOUNTNUMBER) and virtualAccount.accountId (the customer's 13-digit ID number, 10-digit phone number starting with 0, or up-to 64-digit, alphanumeric bank account number) are mandatory. High-risk merchants must provide the verified IDNUMBER and cannot use the CELLPHONE or ACCOUNTNUMBER account types.
  • For EFTsecure, InstantEFT, Payflex, ZeroPay, FinChoicePay, Scan to Pay, M-PESA, blink by Emtel, Mobicred, and Capitec Pay, the shopperResultUrlis mandatory.
For sample calls, see the public Postman collection.

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