Peach Payments documentation hub

Welcome to the Peach Payments documentation hub. Comprehensive documentation, Postman collections, and interactive API playgrounds are some of the resources available to help you start working with Peach Payments as quickly as possible. Let's jump right in!

Payment Links enables merchants to create and send links to a secure payment page hosted by Peach Payments. Send links to customers using email or SMS.

Checkout is a ready-to-use payment experience securely hosted and managed by Peach Payments. With Checkout, merchants have the ability to accept a full range of payment methods with only a single developer integration.

Peach Payments offers a Dashboard that will eventually replace the Console.
The Dashboard is currently only available to a subset of merchants. It will be made publicly available in the next few months.

Payment extensions enable payment acceptance on several platforms, including Magento, OpenCart, SBTech, Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.

COPYandPAY is our JavaScript payment widget that sends sensitive payment data directly from the shopper's browser to our payments platform.

Our Server-to-Server API allows payment acceptance services to be integrated directly, offering fully flexible workflows for frontend and backend processing.

Our mobile SDKs for Android and iOS make it easy for merchants to develop native apps with secure in-app payments capability.

PaySafe is our older product offering payment links functionality. It is being replaced by Payment Links, but is still operational.