Checkout by Peach Payments is a ready-to-use payment experience securely hosted and managed by Peach Payments.

With Checkout, merchants have the ability to accept a full range of payment methods with a single developer integration.

Payment methods


For details on which payment methods are supported by Checkout, see the Payment methods section.

The payment methods can be configured in the Peach Payments Console. Checkout is PCI compliant and provides both the merchant and customer confidence in the security of web payments.

Checkout offers a variety of payment methods.Checkout offers a variety of payment methods.

Some of the payment methods offered by Checkout.

User experience

Checkout streamlines the payment experience by allowing customers to quickly and confidently complete their online purchases.

  1. Merchant partners display a payment button on their Checkout page when a customer is ready to complete payment for their purchase.
  2. The merchant sends a signed POST request with entity credentials along with the purchase details.
    The merchant then redirects the customer to the Checkout payment page hosted by Peach Payments, either using a redirect or a form POST.
  3. The Checkout page shows the customer the purchase amount and all of the payment methods available to them to complete the purchase.
  4. The customer selects their desired payment method to complete the purchase.
  5. If successful, the customer is redirected back to the merchant page with a confirmation of their transaction. If cancelled, the customer is redirected back to the provided cancel URL.
  6. If a valid webhook is enabled, the merchant receives a response to their server endpoint with the details of the completed, cancelled, or expired transaction.

Test and go live procedure

While integrating, a sandbox account is made available to you during user acceptance testing. This account can be used to test fake payments to verify your integration.

For more information on testing, go live, and test cards and credentials, see the Test and go live procedure section.

Quick links

📝 API playground

Detailed reference to all the Payment Links API endpoints and mock calls.

API reference
🚀 Postman workspace

Use our sample Payment Links calls in Postman. See the workspace description for more information.

Postman workspace

Use our PHP SDK to easily integrate with Checkout.