Generate bulk payment links

Create and send up to 1000 payment links.

The bulk payment links API enables you to create and send up to 1000 payment links with fewer API calls by uploading a CSV file with the payment link details.


The bulk creation object consists of the following parameters.

Path parameters

entityIdThe entity for the request, in this case, the channelId.StringRequired

File details parameters

filenameThe name of the submitted file. Used for your own reference.StringRequired
notificationUrlThe API sends status updates for the batch to this endpoint.URLOptional


idThe created batch ID for the upload. Use it to query the status of the batch.String
urlUpload the CSV to this URL using a PUT request.URL


This tutorial covers creating three payment links using a bulk upload.


See the Bulk payment links CSV parameters section for details on the parameters that the CSV supports.

INV-00002,10.00,ZAR,Grace,Nkosi,true,[email protected]
INV-00003,15.00,ZAR,Rex,Bartoletti,true,[email protected]
INV-00004,20.00,ZAR,Cali,Huel,true,[email protected]
  1. Call the Generate batch link endpoint to start the upload process.

    curl --location --request POST '{entityId}/payments/batches'  
    --header 'content-type: application/json'  
        "filename": "january-2023.csv"
  2. The response contains a URL that you must upload the CSV to.

      "id": "4f9f5004-e8d5-4077-b1fa-1e603ea74ee8",
      "url": ""


    Store the ID to query the status of the batch at a later stage.

  3. Use PUT to upload the file to the provided URL.

    curl --location --request PUT '<url from response>' \
    --header 'Content-Type: text/csv' \
    --data-binary '@january-2023.csv'
  4. You receive a 200 response indicating file upload success.

  5. Processing occurs asynchronously.