Release notes



This Dashboard release adds WhatsApp support for Payment Links. You can now send payment links to customers using WhatsApp, in addition to email and SMS.

The WhatsApp message is sent from a Peach Payments phone number, and the format of the message cannot be modified.



This Dashboard release adds an API credentials section to the Payment Links settings page:

  • API credentials can be created on demand if required.
  • API credentials can be refreshed, in cases of compromise or security policies.
  • All required values for authenticating and making API requests are in one location.


Peach Payments is proud to announce the limited availability release of the Dashboard which will eventually replace the Peach Payments Console.


The Peach Payments Dashboard offers the following features:

  • The Transactions section enables you to search by unique ID, transaction ID, entity, merchant, or customer name; or to filter transactions by amount, status, payment type, or brand. You can also access a detailed view of each transaction and refund transactions.
  • The Payment Links section provides a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for you to:
    • Create or cancel payment links.
    • Attach files or notes to payment links.
    • View payment link statuses.
    • Configure notification templates.
    • Select email or SMS for payment link notifications.
    • Configure webhook endpoints.
  • The Settings section allows you to view your business details, account details and contacts, and settlement and billing information. Small and medium-sized enterprises using WooCommerce who signed up with Peach Payments using automated onboarding can also view their API keys, webhooks, and enabled payment methods.
  • Passwordless authentication allows you to log in using your email address.

Known limitations

  • All information in the Dashboard is read-only, merchants cannot edit their business settings or enable payment methods or services.
  • In the Transactions section, merchants cannot:
    • Export transactions in CSV format.
    • Download proof of purchase or 3-D Secure.
    • Use test mode.


If you encounter any issues with the Peach Payments Dashboard, please contact support.