Connect Peach Payments to your nopCommerce store.

Peach Payments offers a plugin for nopCommerce which allows you to accept online payments using all the payment methods offered by Checkout.


CountriesSouth Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius.
SubscriptionsPayment subscriptions are not supported, only once-off payments are supported.
RefundsDoes not support full or partial refunds. However, you can use the platform's offline refund feature to log the refund, and then either manually refund your customer or do so using the Peach Payments Console.
CurrenciesAll currencies that you are configured for.
PricingSee the Peach Payments website.
Account activationRequires review by Peach Payments South Africa. Our sales team is always here to help; contact support for assistance.

Register account

To connect Peach Payments to your nopCommerce store, you must have a Peach Payments account.

Download and install the plugin

  1. In your browser, navigate to and log in to your nopCommerce account.
  2. Click GET EXTENSION. A ZIP file containing the payment extension downloads.
  3. Log in to your nopCommerce store's admin dashboard.
  4. In the left-hand navigation, select Configuration > Local plugins and click Upload plugin or theme.
  5. Click Choose File, select the plugin ZIP file that you downloaded, then click Upload plugin or theme.
  6. Navigate to Configuration > Local plugins and click Install in the Peach Payments row.

Configure the plugin

  1. Log in to your nopCommerce admin dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand menu, navigate to Configuration > Payment methods.
  3. In the Peach Payments row, click Configure.
  4. If you're testing, select Enabled for Sandbox Mode. Depending on whether Sandbox Mode is enabled or not, you can enter the live or sandbox checkout channel and secret token.
  5. Enter the following details that you received from Peach Payments:
    1. Checkout Channel: For sandbox and live.
    2. Secret Token: For sandbox and live.
  6. If you would like to configure a webhook, send your callback URL to support.
  7. Click Save.
Peach Payments plugin configuration.Peach Payments plugin configuration.

Peach Payments plugin configuration.

You should see Peach Payments as a payment option on checkout. Execute a number of purchases to check the integration.