Payment Links release notes


This Payment Links release changes the assignment of merchant_transaction_id and merchant_invoice_id for the downstream payment processors. This improves reconciliation by displaying your assigned invoice ID on both transaction listing on Dashboard and reconciliation reports.


This Payment Links release allows you to make it mandatory that your customers have to agree to your terms of service before being able to pay payment links.


This Payment Links release enables you to download an export of up to 20 000 payment links from the Dashboard.


This Payment Links release adds bulk payment links support. Using the Dashboard or API, you can now generate and send up to 1000 payment links to customers:

  • Bulk payment links supports webhooks for the batch.
  • Detailed batch statuses are available, including the amount of rows submitted and the amount of successful rows.
  • Batch errors are easy to identify and rectify.
  • Peach Payments retains uploaded CSVs for 90 days and then deleted them.


This Payment Links release adds WhatsApp support. You can now send payment links to customers using WhatsApp, email, and SMS.

A Peach Payments phone number sends the WhatsApp message, and you cannot change the format of the message.


This Payment Links release adds an API credentials section to the Payment Links settings page on the Dashboard:

  • Create API credentials on demand if required.
  • Refresh API credentials, in cases of compromise or security policies.
  • All required values for authenticating and making API requests are in one location.


Peach Payments is proud to announce the limited availability release of Payment Links, the re-engineered version of the PaySafe product.


Payment Links offers the following features:

  • A modern API that is easier to integrate with, offers much better performance, and supports higher API call rates:
    • A comprehensive Postman collection is available to assist with integration.
    • The API features a translation layer that enables merchants using PaySafe to start using the new Payment Links API with minimal changes. The translation layer converts requests meant for PaySafe, and maps the parameters to the new Payment Links API. It then takes the response from the Payment Links API and maps it to the format that PaySafe uses. The translation layer eases the migration path for merchants using PaySafe and gives them access to the optimised performance and newer technologies that Payment Links offers.
  • Using Checkout, Payment Links supports a range of new payment methods that were not available for PaySafe. These new payment methods help improve basket size and payment conversions.
  • Send payment link notifications using email and SMS.
  • An improved user experience for generating, viewing, and cancelling payment links using the Dashboard.

Known limitations

Support for the sending of payment link notifications using WhatsApp is still in development and is not supported.


If any issues occur with the product, contact support.