General payments FAQ

Which currencies can I process

You can process any currencies configured for your merchant account. Certain payment methods do not support all currencies.

What testing can I do on sandbox

You can test multiple payment methods across a variety of integrations such as Payments API, Shopify, WooCommerce, and so on.

Which payment methods are available on sandbox

You can test most payment methods using these test credentials.

Can I test using my own bank card

No, you must use specific test credentials.

How many times can I retry an unsuccessful card transaction

Visa and Mastercard publish guidelines describing how many times you can retry unsuccessful card transactions. For details on these guidelines, see this support article.

Can I use the same API or payment credentials on multiple websites

No, you cannot use your credentials on multiple websites. You must set up multiple businesses with Peach Payments to accept payments on multiple websites.

Do you accept payments from loyalty programs like eBucks, Discovery Miles, UCount, or Greenbacks

You can pay using rewards cards powered by card schemes that Peach Payments supports.

Where can I find Peach Payments and payment method logos to use in my site footer or on my payments page

Peach Payments and payment method logos are available on the support knowledge base.