Checkout FAQ

Why use Checkout

With Checkout, complete one integration to enjoy the benefits of multiple payment methods.

Do I need to secure my website

Both Embedded and Hosted Checkout are secure. You must add an SSL certificate to your website.

How do I show a particular payment method by default

You can set the defaultPaymentMethod for your Checkout request. If defaultPaymentMethod=CARD, the customer first sees the card widget when Checkout renders. They can go back to see other payment methods.

Why do Checkout and the payment methods appear differently depending on the payment extension used

See the support knowledge base for details on why the Checkout appearance sometimes varies.

Can I add local domain to the allowlist

No, you can only add publicly accessible domains to the allowlist.

For Hosted Checkout, why can't I use the signature generated for the payment request to get the payment status

You can't reuse the signature because its encryption input is different. See the Authentication and authorisation section for details on how to generate a signature for the payment status call.