Retrieve all payment links

You can retrieve or export all payment links by querying merchant transactions. The query for all merchant transactions endpoint takes the bearer token and returns all payment links and their statuses, either as JSON or as a CSV.


In retrieving or exporting all merchant transactions, you can specify the following query parameters.


To export to CSV, change the request header's Accept value to text/csv.

merchantThe unique merchant ID to scope the list to. Required if you're exporting payment links to CSV.
offsetThe offset from which to read data.
perPageThe amount of items to retrieve.
filters[startDate]Retrieve all payment links from the start date onwards.
filters[endDate]Retrieve all payment links until the end date.
filters[status]The payment link status to filter on.
filters[amountValue]The amount to filter by.
filters[amountOperator]How to use the amountValue for filtering.
filters[sendingOptions]The sending option to filter on.

Example requests and responses

For sample requests and responses, see the interactive API playground and the Postman workspace.