Reconciliation, settlement, and billing

View transaction status and reporting

The Peach Payments Dashboard and Console provide a transaction listing for monitoring and reporting.

Peach Payments sends you an invoice every month that contains a list of all relevant transaction types and corresponding costs.


To understand why payments are sometimes unsuccessful, see the Dashboard response codes section.

To reconcile this invoice, use your bank account information, website orders, and the Peach Payments transaction data, as described in this support article.

While signing up with Peach Payments, you confirmed two email addresses that Peach Payments sends the below emails to. Contact support to add or change any of these.

  • Technical assistance

  • Technical notifications for system status - sign up for notifications on

  • Reconciliation emails

  • Invoice emails

For any finance-related queries, such as invoices, billing, settlement, and so on, send an email to [email protected].


Settlement is the payment of funds into your business bank account for the money collected from customers when they buy from your online business.

If you signed a merchant account agreement directly with a bank, for example, Absa, Nedbank, or FNB, you are using an ISO merchant account with that bank. If you didn't sign an agreement directly with a bank, you are probably using a Peach Payments merchant account.

Independent Sales Organisation (ISO) merchant account


You should receive net settlement (the balance of the total incoming amounts (for example, debits) less outgoing amounts (for example, refunds)) from Nedbank every day. What you make online today should reflect in your bank account in the usual bank clearing periods (typically one business day).

For example, Peach Payments settles all sales from today less any refunds or reversals paid today, tomorrow. Settlement for 31 January happens on 1 February.

Your bank statement should include a Nedlink DP <merchant number> line item, for example, Nedlink DP 2552555.


You should receive settlement from Absa every day (except Monday). What you make online today should reflect in your bank account in the usual bank clearing periods (typically two business days).


You should receive settlement from FNB every day. What you make online today should reflect in your bank account in the usual bank clearing periods (typically one to two business days). The settlement cycle is dependent on what FNB has configured on your FNB profile.

Peach Payments aggregation merchant account

For Peach Payments aggregation merchant accounts, you receive settlement every week. Peach Payments pays your bank account on Thursday for free, and you should see it reflect on Friday, depending on bank clearing periods.


  1. When I log into the Peach Payments Dashboard or Console, why can't I see any transactions? After you've logged in, the Dashboard and Console display the current day's transactions. To view more transactions, ensure that you filter for the date range that you want to view.
  2. As an aggregation merchant, how do I know what amounts Peach Payments has settled me for on a Thursday? Settlements on a Thursday are always for all transactions for the previous week, that is, Thursday to Wednesday.