Best practices

Website payments FAQ and terms and conditions

Customers often want to ensure that their payments are handled securely. To ease their concerns, Peach Payments suggests adding an FAQ similar to the following to your website:

Why is Peach Payments mentioned at Checkout?

Peach Payments performs technical services to support payments to online or Internet businesses. This service includes consulting on a selection of technical and administrative topics, configuring and provisioning a transaction platform, and providing access to this platform.

Cardholder safety

No sensitive cardholder data is stored on our servers at any time for either once-off or subscription payments.


Please contact your account manager for additional compliance points for REST API integrations.

When a user opts to store card details on a website using Peach Payments, these details are stored by Peach Payments in a PCI DSS level 1 compliant vault. Sensitive cardholder details are directly transmitted from users' browsers to Peach Payments' systems. Our staff and systems do not have access to complete card number details on Peach Payments platforms at any point in time.