Connect Peach Payments to your SBTech platform.


Peach Payments has integrated with SBTech to support multiple payment methods.


Full or partial refunds are not supported, you must request that Peach Payments process refunds manually.

Register account

To connect Peach Payments to your SBTech platform, you must have a Peach Payments account.


To accept payments using Peach Payments, you must request the following credentials from support:

  • API secret: Peach Payments calls this the secret token.
  • API merchant reference: Peach Payments call this the entity ID.

After you have received your API credentials, send them to SBTech so that they can configure your site to accept payments through Peach Payments.


When sending the credentials to SBTech, it's important that you use the API secret and API merchant reference terms as those are the terms that they are familiar with.

API endpoints

  • Sandbox:
    • Pay-in request: <>
    • Check status request: <>
  • Live:
    • Pay-in request: <>
    • Check status request: <>