The Settings section enables you to view your profile, business, account, settlement, and billing details. It also enables you to manage team members.

Go to the Settings section as follows:

  1. Log in to the Peach Payments Dashboard.

  2. In the left navigation menu, click Settings.

    Dashboard settings.

    Dashboard settings.


Only certain roles can manage settings.

Roles and permissions

The following video showcases how to invite users to the Peach Payments Dashboard:

Depending on your roles, you might not have access to all functionality on the Peach Payments Dashboard:

  • Owner: The first person given access to the Peach Payments Dashboard is the sole owner. The owner has access to all functions in the Dashboard. You cannot remove the owner but can transfer ownership to another user.
  • Admin: Performs functions that relate to the operation of the business, but cannot change business entity configuration and compliance settings.
  • Developer: Performs functions that a business requires to integrate, test, and take a service live. Can view and manage integration settings and credentials.
  • Operations: Performs functions that support the operation of the business.
  • Finance: Uses financial and reporting tools.
  • Support: Performs functions that ensure the smooth running of the business.


You can combine developer, operations, and finance roles in any way. For example, a user can have both developer and operations roles.

TransactionsView transactions:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
Refund a transaction:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark::x::x:
Export transactions:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x:
Payment LinksActivate Payment Links:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::x::x:
View payment links:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark:
Create payment links:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark:
Cancel payment links:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark:
Manage payment links settings:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::x::x:
ConnectManage connection settings:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::x::x:
ReportingManage reconciliation and settlement reconciliation:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::x::white-check-mark::x:
SettingsView and edit business details:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark::x:
View and edit business logo:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark::x:
View account details:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark::x:
View settlement and billing details:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::white-check-mark::x:
User management:white-check-mark::white-check-mark::x::x::x::x:


Upload your business logo


Only certain roles can upload or edit your business logo.

  1. In the Business tab, click Choose file in the Business logo section.
  2. Select your business's logo, adhering to the following restrictions:
    • Format: PNG or JPEG
    • Size: 3 MB or less
    • Aspect ratio: 4.22:1 (width x height) and at least 152 pixels by 36 pixels
    • White space: Minimal
  3. Click Open.

Your logo appears in the Business logo section and a preview of what Checkout looks like appears on the right. The Checkout user interface and payment link emails now display your business logo.

Delete your business logo


Only certain roles can delete your business logo.

In the Business tab, click the bin icon in the Business logo section. This removes your logo and updates the preview to show your business name.


Find your Peach ID

To open your Peach Payments statement, you need your Peach ID.

In the Account tab, find your Peach ID in the Account details section.

View your account contacts

When you registered with Peach Payments, you provided contact details for different functions, including:

  • Business contact
  • Financial contact
  • Developer contact
  • Reconciliation contact

Depending on the nature of the communication, Peach Payments emails the respective contact.


Manage your team


Only certain roles can manage users.

Add team members

  1. In the Team tab, click Add members in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Enter the members' email addresses, pressing Enter after each address.
  3. Select the roles that you want all the members to have. You can combine developer, operations, and finance roles. The summary panel on the right lists the functions that the roles provide.
  4. Click Send invites.

Your team members receive email invites enabling them to log in to the Dashboard.

Edit a team member


You cannot change the owner's role. To do so, you must first transfer ownership to another user, then change the old owner's role.

  1. In the Team tab, select one of your team members.
  2. In the details panel that appears, select the new roles that you want the user to have. You might need to clear certain roles to have access to the other roles, for example, you cannot combine the admin role with any other role.
  3. Click Apply.

The team member gains the new roles.

Remove a team member


You cannot remove the owner but can transfer ownership to another user. If there is one user, invite another user, transfer ownership to that user, and then remove the old owner.

  1. In the Team tab, select one of your team members.
  2. In the details panel that appears, click the three dots in the upper right of the screen.
  3. Click Remove.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Continue.

The team member no longer has access to the business in the Dashboard.