Connect Peach Payments to your Shopify store.

Peach Payments offers a payment extension for Shopify which allows you to accept online payments using all the payment methods offered by Checkout.


CountriesSouth Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius.
SubscriptionsPayment subscriptions are not supported, only once-off payments are supported.
RefundsSupports full or partial refunds. Certain payment methods must be refunded manually.
CurrenciesAll currencies that you are configured for.
PricingSee the Peach Payments website.
Account activationRequires review by Peach Payments South Africa. Our sales team is always here to help; contact support for assistance.

️ Apple Pay and PayPal

Peach Payments does not support Apple Pay or PayPal via the Shopify plugin. Please contact Shopify directly should you wish to enable these payment methods.

Register account

To connect Peach Payments to your Shopify store, you must have a Peach Payments account.

Peach Payments either:

Get started with Shopify

There are two ways to link your Peach Payments account to Shopify:

  • Through the Shopify user interface.
  • Through the Peach Payments Dashboard.

Link your Peach Payments account using the Shopify interface

To get started with Shopify and Peach Payments, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store, go to Settings, and select Payments.
  2. In the Supported payment methods section, click Add payment methods.
Add a payment method.Add a payment method.

Add a payment method.

  1. Select Search by provider and find and choose Peach Payments from the list of providers.
Search by providerSearch by provider

Search by provider.

  1. Click Activate. This redirects you to a new page.
  2. Click Connect to install the Peach Payments app. This gives Peach Payments permission to execute payments on your site.
Connect the Peach Payments appConnect the Peach Payments app

Connect the Peach Payments app.

  1. Click Install app to proceed with the installation.
Install the Peach Payments appInstall the Peach Payments app

Install the Peach Payments app.

  1. Link your Peach Payments account to your Shopify store by entering the LIVE entity ID and Secret token that you retrieved from the Peach Payments Dashboard or that was provided by Peach Payments support.
Link your Peach Payments accountLink your Peach Payments account

Link your Peach Payments account.

  1. Click Activate Peach Payments to activate the app.
Activate Peach PaymentsActivate Peach Payments

Activate Peach Payments.

A message stating Peach payments activated appears. To confirm that the Peach Payments app is active, select Payments from the left panel and confirm that Peach Payments appears in the Supported payment methods section.

Supported payment methodsSupported payment methods

Supported payment methods.

Link your Peach Payments account using the Peach Payments Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Peach Payments Dashboard.
  2. In the Connect section, click Shopify. Note your entity ID and secret token, you'll need these later.
  3. In the Connect Shopify store section, click Link store.
  4. In the Link your Shopify browser window that opens, enter your store name and click Link store.
  5. Enter your live entity ID and secret token and click Link account.

Your Peach Payments account and Shopify store are now linked, and you can accept payments through Peach Payments.

Process refunds

To process refunds, please follow Shopify's guide.

When the refund has been completed, you can view the refunded transaction in the Peach Payments Dashboard or Console.

Refund in Peach Payments ConsoleRefund in Peach Payments Console

Refund in Peach Payments Console.


If you run into any issues with Shopify, check our support knowledge base for the issue and solution:

If you can't find the issue, contact support for assistance.