Query a payment status

When a payment link has been created, you can query the status of the payment transaction. The query transaction status object takes the paymentId and the bearer token and returns the payment details and status.

Querying the payment can return one of the following statuses:

Webhook eventDescription
initiatedTriggered when the payment link is created.
processingTriggered when the payment is attempted.
completedTriggered when the payment is successfully completed.
cancelledTriggered when the payment is cancelled.
expiredTriggered when the payment link expires.


The query payment object consists of the following attributes.

paymentIdThis is the ID that is returned when creating a new payment.AN32
Authorization headerBearer tokens are Auth0 tokens that enable requests to authenticate using an access key. The token is a text string included in the request header.Bearer token

Example requests and responses

For sample requests and responses, see the interactive API playground and the Postman workspace.