Merchant specs


This API queries the available payment methods for the specific entity ID that Peach Payments provided to you at setup based on the currency you are querying. The response returns a list of the available payment methods and your merchant ID, which can be useful for submitting support requests.

Peach Payments recommends using this endpoint to ensure the payment methods you are offering your customers are up-to-date and representative of your actual setup with Peach Payments. You can, for example, cache the /merchant_specs response and update it once a week.


To learn more about the required and optional parameters, see the API reference section.

All requests should be in JSON and all responses are in JSON.

The merchant specs flow works as follows:

Merchant specs flow.

Merchant specs flow.

  1. The merchant queries the merchant specifications by making a request to the /merchant_specs endpoint.
  2. The Checkout API responds with a list of enabled payment methods for a channel given a particular currency.

Example requests and responses

For sample requests and responses, see the interactive API playground or use the Peach Payments Postman collection:

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