The sandbox Dashboard enables you to test integrations and payment methods (using fake money and simulated processing) before moving to the live environment. Sandbox actions and transactions are separate from the live environment.


No real money is ever transferred in sandbox.

When you sign up with Peach Payments, you gain access to the sandbox Dashboard. After Peach Payments has approved your account, which includes risk approval, you gain access to the live Dashboard.

All your sandbox credentials for payment methods and integrations are available on the sandbox Dashboard.

Access sandbox Dashboard

You can access the sandbox Dashboard by:

Sandbox button.

Sandbox button.

Sandbox and live differences

Sandbox is a replica of Peach Payments in a sandbox environment. It allows you to test your integrations and payment methods before you go live.After testing your integration and payment methods, you can switch to live and start accepting payments from customers.
Sandbox Dashboard is available to you soon after you complete the Peach Payments sign-up process.Live Dashboard becomes available after Peach Payments completes risk approvals and activates your account.
Use your sandbox API keys to test integrations and payment methods.Use your live API keys to integrate with your live store and accept real payments.
Actions taken in sandbox are separate from your live environment and have no effect there. Integrations and transactions completed in sandbox do not appear in live. You never use real money in sandbox.Peach Payments settles all payments made by your customers to your account according to your settlement cycle.


Sandbox has the following limitations:

  • Payment Links on sandbox supports email payment notifications. You cannot test SMS and WhatsApp notifications.
  • Wix stores and Xero do not feature sandbox environments.
  • Card payments are automatically configured, you must request other payment methods from support.
  • You cannot configure sandbox webhooks, Peach Payments support must do that.
  • You cannot add domains to your allowlist, Peach Payments support must do that.

Sandbox and Shopify

After you have started accepting live payments, selecting Enable test mode on your Shopify store causes your store to stop processing live transactions and start processing test transactions. Peach Payments advises that you rather use a standalone sandbox Shopify store to test.

Go live

If you've completed your sandbox testing, you can switch to the live Dashboard to retrieve your live credentials which you need to complete live integrations and accept live payments.