Connect Peach Payments to your Magento store.

Peach Payments offers a plugin for Magento which allows you to accept online payments using all the payment methods offered by Checkout.


Peach Payments has two Magento payment extensions, one for Magento version 1 and another for version 2. The content on this page refers to the Magento 2 payment extension which has multiple benefits over version 1.

The Magento payment extension redirects to a payments page hosted by Peach Payments. One-click card payments and payment subscriptions occur through a JavaScript widget that loads in your Magento store.


CountriesSouth Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius.
SubscriptionsSupports payment subscriptions through the paid-for ParadoxLabs Adaptive Subscriptions plugin; for plugin version support, see the compatibility matrix. For more information on how to configure your platform to accept subscriptions, see the support knowledge base.
RefundsSupports full or partial refunds. You must refund certain payment methods manually.
CurrenciesAll currencies configured for your account.
PricingSee the Peach Payments website.
Account activationRequires review by Peach Payments South Africa. Contact support for assistance.

Register account

To connect Peach Payments to your Magento store, you must have a Peach Payments account.

Install and configure the plugin

  1. As part of your onboarding, you received live API credentials and access to the live Console. If you've lost access to the email or can't recall your API credentials, log in to the Console, go to Merchants, then click your merchant name. In the left navigation menu, click Checkout > <your Magento Checkout name>, then select the Live Configuration tab and take note of the entity ID and secret token credentials in the Live Configuration and Test Configuration sections.

Magento API credentials.

Magento API credentials.

  1. To configure a webhook, send your webhook URL in the https://{MAGENTO_BASE_URL}/pp-hosted/secure/webhook format to support and list the notification types that you would like to receive.

  2. Install the Magento plugin by following the instructions in the public GitLab repository.

  3. Log in to your Magento administration dashboard and go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods.

Magento admin dashboard showing the **Stores** settings.

Magento admin dashboard showing the Stores settings.

  1. If the Peach Payments module is not visible in the list of available payment methods, go to System > Cache Management and click Flush Magento Cache.
  2. Go back to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods and click Configure next to the Peach Payments payment method to expand the available settings.
  3. Configure the plugin:
    1. Set the Mode to Production to accept live payments or Sandbox for testing.
    2. Depending on the mode you've selected, enter the live or sandbox API credentials you retrieved in step 1.
    3. Select the payment methods that you want to enable.
    4. Click Save Config.
Plugin configuration options.

Plugin configuration options.


To learn more about PHP compatibility, available events, and GraphQL, see the plugin documentation in the public GitLab repository.

You should see Peach Payments as a payment option on checkout. Execute purchases to check the integration.


  • If you receive a Merchant domain not whitelisted error when trying to make a payment, contact support to add your domain to the allowlist.
  • To conduct payments testing on a test website, contact support to provide you with sandbox access. You can then use the sandbox credentials provided and Sandbox mode to conduct your testing.


If you run into any issues with the Magento payment extension, check the support knowledge base for the issue and solution:

  1. For subscription payments with the ParadoxLabs Adaptive Subscriptions plugin, can I send confirmation emails and regular invoices?
  2. For subscription payments with the ParadoxLabs Adaptive Subscriptions plugin, how can I tell customers that a billing attempt has failed and how can I tell them that their card is about to expire?

If you can't find the issue, contact support for assistance.