The Payment Links product enables merchants to create and send links to a secure payment page hosted by Peach Payments. The links are sent to customers using email or SMS.

Payment Links uses Checkout to accept payments and therefore supports all the payment methods that Checkout offers.

Using the Peach Payments dashboard or Payment Links API, you can:

  • Generate a payment link
  • Add supporting documentation to payment links
  • Cancel a payment link
  • Query a payment status
  • Retrieve all payment links and view their statuses
  • Receive payment updates via webhooks and successful transaction email receipts


Payment Links functionality on the Dashboard is currently only available to a subset of merchants. This functionality will be made publicly available in the next few months.

📝 API playground

Detailed reference to all the Payment Links API endpoints and mock calls.

API reference

🚀 Postman workspace

Use our sample Payment Links calls in Postman. See the workspace description for more information.

Postman workspace


Enables PHP developers to easily integrate with the Payment Links API.


Example use cases:

  1. Instead of sending bank details and a PDF invoice via email, you can generate and send a payment link that automatically populates invoice and payment information and allows your customer to pay using a variety of payment methods.
  2. WhatsApp support is coming soon: Send a payment link over WhatsApp while chatting to a customer online. Your customer can click the link and immediately pay for your product or service.

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