The Payments API allows you to do a custom integration with Peach Payments and support multiple payment methods.

Using the Payments API, you can:

  • Execute a transaction.
  • Check a transaction's status.
  • Refund a transaction.

Supported payment methods and payment types


For details on which payment methods the Payments API and Checkout support, see the Payment methods section.

API endpoints

The following are the API endpoints for the live and test servers:

  • Live:
  • Sandbox:

Retrieve your API credentials from the Peach Payments Console


The new Payments API uses the same credentials as the old API.

Access your API credentials as follows:

  1. Log in to the Peach Payments Console.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Merchants.
  3. Click your merchant name.
  4. In the left navigation menu, click Development.
  5. Select the API Credentials tab.
  6. Take note of the credentials that you require.

Test and go live procedure

While integrating, you have access to a sandbox account during user acceptance testing. Use this account to test fake payments to verify your integration.

For more information on testing, go live, and test cards and credentials, see the Test and go live procedure section.

Quick links

📝 API playground

Detailed reference to all the Payments API endpoints and mock calls.

API reference
🚀 Postman workspace

Use the sample Payments API calls in Postman. See the workspace description for more information.

Postman workspace