Cancel a payment link


You can cancel a payment link, if necessary.

For example, if a merchant's payment request is for a travel purchase, but the price is no longer valid, you can cancel the payment link.

To cancel a payment link, it must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The payment in Checkout must be unpaid.
  • The payment link must not be in an initiated state.
  • The payment link must not have expired.

After cancelling a payment link, you cannot change it back to any available state. You must create a new payment link.


To learn more about the required and optional parameters, see the API reference section.

The cancel payment link flow works as follows:

Cancel payment link flow.

Cancel payment link flow.

  1. The merchant initiates the payment link cancellation by making a request to the /api/payments/{paymentId} endpoint.
  2. The Payment Links API cancels the payment link.

Example requests and responses

For sample requests and responses, see the interactive API playground or use the Peach Payments Postman collection:

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