Release notes



This release of the Payments API adds support for 1Voucher.


For 1Voucher, the following parameters are mandatory:

  • The customer's mobile phone number for receiving change vouchers and refunds.
  • virtualAccount.password: The voucher PIN.

For more information, see our Postman collection.


Peach Payments is proud to announce the limited availability release of our Payments API to a subset of merchants. The Payments API introduces a range of new payment methods that were previously only accessible using our Checkout product.


The Payments API offers the following features:

  • Easier to integrate with, offers much better performance, and supports more transactions per second than our old payments API.
  • Support for a range of new payment methods to help expand your target market, increase basket size, and improve payment conversions:
    • InstantEFT
    • Payflex
    • ZeroPay
    • FinChoicePay


In addition to the new payment methods listed above, the Payments API also supports EFTsecure.

Known limitations

The Payments API does not yet support card, A+ store cards, Mobicred, Scan to Pay, Apple Pay, 1Voucher, and M-PESA; these payment methods are supported on Checkout. Support for most of these payment methods will be added soon.

Upgrade guide and considerations

The Payments API is backwards-compatible with our previous payments API.

Migrate from the previous payments API to the new version as follows:

  1. Review the Payments API documentation.
  2. On your existing sandbox integration, switch from the old sandbox endpoints to the new endpoints.
  3. Run regression tests to confirm that there are no breaking changes.
  4. On your existing live integration, switch from the old live endpoints to the new endpoints.
  5. Contact support and request access to the new payment methods that you want to use.
  6. Update your integration to add support for the new payment methods.
  7. Test and go live.


If you encounter any issues with the Payments API, please contact support.